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3 Don’ts During the Offering

If you have read anything I or Generis has written in the past 10 years you know we are very passionate about the offering moment.  Read here to access what the owner of Generis, Jim Sheppard, has to say about the offering moment.  

As a consultant, I try not to talk in negatives.  I try to avoid “Please don’t do this” or “Please don’t say that”.  Oftentimes telling someone not to do something makes them want to do it even more.  (Have you had a toddler before?:)

However, sometimes we need to clearly define the do’s AND don’ts of something.  Sometimes as a consultant, I need to speak in straight talk.  So here is some straight talk about the offering moment.

3 don’ts during the offering moment:

  1. Don’t say “We will now take the offering.”  Taking something from someone is stealing.  An offering is a gift.  We receive gifts; we don’t take them.  “We will now receive the offering.”

  2. Don’t say “We will now collect the offering.”  Similar connotation as taking.  Collecting the offering makes it feel like an IRS agent is in the house.  “We will now receive the offering.”  

  3. Don’t apologize for having a time of offering during worship.  Now I have never heard a pastor, staff member or lay leader actually say “I apologize for having to take/collect/receive the offering, but you know we have to keep the lights on and pay our staff.”  However, I have heard that message communicated many times without the words actually being spoken.  You know what I am talking about.  Body language and tone of voice can say an awful lot.  

The offering is an opportunity to worship God by giving back to God a portion of the blessings God has given each of us.  The offering is a privilege.  It is a privilege to give back to God; not an obligation or a duty.  God gives us free will and invites us into a relationship.  Part of any healthy relationship is giving gifts.  Let’s make the offering moment worshipful and invitational. 

Let me hear from you if you’d like to have a free Zoom call to discuss how you can improve the offering moment in your church this next Sunday.  (BTW; Next Sunday is the name of the new Generis podcast.  Take a listen.  Subscribe at your Podcast hosting site of choice.) 


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