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Cause For Celebration

There are many reasons to celebrate the process of a capital campaign. If you meet your goal and raise all of the funds you were hoping to, there’s a clear reason to celebrate. But are there other things to celebrate from the process, too?

Here are 4 things that churches can celebrate together when they go through the process of accelerating their generosity in a capital campaign:

1. There’s an opportunity to celebrate what God has done together.

When a coach celebrates wins with their teams, that recognition inspires their players to keep making progress. A church is no different. After any capital campaign, taking some R&R can go a long way. No, not rest and relaxation – remember and rejoice. Throw a party, celebrate in your services, and praise God together. There’s power in a renewed spirit within the church of coming and accomplishing big things for the Kingdom.

2. The church can celebrate its history.

Throughout the campaign, many will find comfort in remembering what God has done through the church in its history. The way the founders were bold in planting the church or how members have funded the expansion of the building in the past will be crucial for some of your founding and long-term members. But it is not just the older congregation who will be benefited from some church history, your new and younger members can be greatly inspired as well.

3. The church can celebrate its future.

No matter how exciting things around your church are, there will always be a few folks who play the role of Eeyore. They may feel pessimistic because they just cannot seem to see where God can use your church. Celebrating the future of what God can do through the church can reignite your gloomy members, but it will also create an onramp for those who want to play a role in the future history of the church. Celebrate and show the congregation what is to come and watch your church be stirred by vision!

4. There are opportunities for the church to create a buzz in its community.

There is a reason most companies have an entire team dedicated to public relations. When your church is going through a capital campaign that will greatly impact your community, you cannot buy or fabricate a better opportunity for a PR moment. “When we invited the media to hear and tell our story about our new building project, thousands of people in our city read about our church who never knew we even existed, said one Communications Director I worked with. “God is using this publicity to get the word out and invite others to our church far beyond anything we could do on our own.”

The prayer for me is that through your capital campaign that your God-inspired vision will be funded. The rewarding part about a campaign is that oftentimes that isn’t the only prayer that is answered.

Are you winding down from a capital campaign? Be on the lookout for ways to celebrate.



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