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Budget Campaigns

COVID-19 and the global pandemic have made us all pivot in how we do church. The way we approach the giving of our tithes and offerings is no different. In the fall of 2020, Alan and his team created a new approach for churches to approach their annual stewardship campaigns. After so many churches saw budget increases of 5% - 10%, Alan's team created two more campaigns to be used, for a total of three new annual stewardship campaigns.

Fully fund next year's operating budget.


Five New Budget Campaigns

Your Annual Stewardship Campaign is a key piece of setting your operating budget for the next year. We have developed five powerful and distinct campaigns that bring a focus on fully funding your operating budget. Each approach has a particular emphasis that will dictate which one you choose to do first.

All five yearly budget campaigns include:

  • 5 week sermon series outline

  • 5 week discipleship study for Adults, Youth and Children.

  • Video package to include a promo video and 5 sermon starter videos.

  • Complete graphic design package (minus printing) for all collateral materials:

    • Logo

    • Print design for main brochure, Generosity Toolbox, Generosity Journey Booklet, prayer prompt, and commitment card.

    • Customized graphics/visuals for in person and virtual worship, email, website, and social media.

    • Social Media Map with included graphics.

  • Individual consulting/coaching from a Generis consultant to offer project management to maximize success.

The Apostles' Creed helps express our shared Christian beliefs, forming the core of the Believe campaign. By embracing its words, we affirm the Bible's promises, finding hope and courage to overcome doubt and fear, and fostering a deeper trust in God.


The Beyond campaign introduces and invites people to embrace a spiritual concept that they may well have never truly considered before. Centered on John 10:10, Beyond is an invitation to embrace the truth that God wants us to have an abundant life. God wants us to embrace a concept of ‘beyond-ness’ as a default way of thinking and existence as a Christian.


If the people of your church are 'stuck' in their giving then WYG is a great place to start. Will You Grow bases itself on the philosophy that faith is more important than finances and the quality of the gift is more important than the quantity of the gift.

16File .jpg

If your people need a breath of fresh air, then Be Renewed would be a great choice for you. Living a generous life and giving generously are directly tied to the health of a person’s relationship with God. Be Renewed is designed to be a journey to allow each person in your church to look toward the next season of ministry with a renewed God-inspired vision.


If your people don't see their giving as a place of embracing opportunity, then Enter In would be a great fit for you and your church. Based out of the Parable of the Three Servants in Matthew 25:14-30, Enter In…is an invitation for the church to catch a vision of what more can be accomplished if they unite themselves and embrace the opportunity to be a faithful servant.

Woman with Bible

Capital Campaigns

There is often a gap that exists between your resources and your God-inspired vision. For the past 20 years, Alan has helped churches close that gap to fund mission, maximize ministry effectiveness, and inspire people to become passionate givers.

While many churches approach their giving strategies as a fundraising effort, Alan believes generosity is directly linked to discipleship and is more of a journey of generosity.

Alan has led over 150 campaigns to help churches achieve their God-inspired vision. Let’s work together to put the emphasis on the need for the giver to give, rather than the need of the church to receive. 

Fund your capital project.


"We first met Alan when we interviewed him for a capital campaign.  During the interview process, Alan shared Generis’ success of helping churches lead comprehensive budget campaigns with the focus on living generous lives instead of the usual stewardship drive. 


Alan met with about 50 leaders from our church to share the vision of living and leading generous lives.  We were intrigued and committed to complete a budget campaign before entering the capital campaign. 


“Will You Grow” was our first budget campaign with Alan and it yielded a 6% increase in giving the following year.  Looking back, this was crucially important to the success of our capital campaign which received commitments of more than 2x our annual giving.  Oh, and the “Will You Grow?”  campaign was completed in the Covid year of 2020.


The “Be Renewed” budget campaign for 2021 marked more spiritual growth among the church as we began to face all kinds of new normal.  Giving grew another 4% compared to 2019. 


Most recently, Alan guided us through “Enter In” and we are witnessing first-quarter giving in 2022 that almost defies logic. 


God has infused FPCA with a renewed spirit of his generosity.  Because of these results, we equipped our sanctuary for excellent live streaming which enables us to share the gospel across the globe.  Members have shown incredible generosity as well assisting individuals and families with medical bills, legal fees, and increased support for local and international ministries and missionaries." - Chris Campbell, Lead Pastor

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