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Accelerate Generosity
Accelerate Vision

Proven strategies to help you move the needle on generosity.

Imagine what your church could do if you had the resources to accomplish your vision.

Regardless of your ministry’s size and scope, there is almost always a gap between your resources and your God-inspired vision. Partnering with church leaders to develop a generosity game plan to close that gap is what Alan does best — a plan that is discipleship driven, biblically rooted, inspires mission impact, and funds your God-inspired mission and ministry budget for years to come.


Coaching by Alan Wildes,
Vice President at Generis.

Alan views his role as a generosity coach to be one that empowers. He brings the knowledge, experience, listening and motivational skills needed to help others realize their goals. In the last fifteen years alone, he has led over 125 successful church generosity campaigns, applying his unique skills and insights as a layperson and coach to the training of God’s real life stewards.

5 Proven Campaigns To Get Started

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University UMC, Chapel Hill

"University UMC has a long legacy of generous giving since the early 1930’s, but giving had become stagnant in the last decade causing the Church to regularly draw from a line of credit to ensure monthly expenses and missional commitments of the church were met. The leaders knew something had to change.


Alan led the church leadership through a few key exercises and determined an intentional budget campaign would benefit the church. They began planning for the “Will You Grow?” campaign in the summer of 2019.  Little did they know what was around the corner in March of 2020. The Church body began to really connect with the God-inspired vision for the church in a new way, and giving increased by 4%. In the fall of 2020, Alan led the church leadership through another intentional annual budget campaign; "Be Renewed".  "Be Renewed" led to another 7% increase in giving in the middle of the pandemic!  In the fall of 2021 the church engaged in yet another intentional budget campaign entitled "Enter In" which yielded another 4% increase over 2021!  That's a total of a 15% increase in total giving over a three year period!


The Church has reduced the need to access the Line of Credit for monthly expenses and the entire leadership has a more confident sense of leading a culture of generosity. Language centered around “Generosity” has helped change the financial conversations by members from one of scarcity to one of abundance.The financial freedom provided from the campaigns has allowed the church to expand ministry.  One in particular was to provide space and fund over $75,000 is scholarships for “at-risk” elementary students to learn during the pandemic. The “learning center” in partnership with the YMCA and local Schools allowed parents to drop their children for digital learning while the parents went to work.  Without the success of the campaigns the church would not have been able to fund this project and several more." - Mike Saunders, Minister of Administration, University UMC

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His coaching and instruction create a team spirit with lay people and a genuine sense of excitement about generosity.

Rev. Laurie Moeller
Senior Pastor
Northbrook UMC

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Northbrook UMC, Georgia

"Exiting the pandemic and returning to in-person worship made the 2022 campaign especially important to Northbrook.  Truly understanding who remained engaged when tracking virtual attendance was difficult.  It was imperative to have professional leadership around our 2022 stewardship not only financially, but to reconnect families with the church through their prayerful financial commitment to Northbrook.  The Enter In campaign did just that.  We saw a 10% increase in commitments and a 24% increase in pledged amounts.  This allowed us to fund 100% of our required pledged income to fund our budget for 2022.  Our 2022 budget was a 25% increase over 2021 allowing us to address the unique needs of how to serve our community post pandemic." - Scott McKelvey, Northbrook UMC

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