Generosity Coaching

Alan has coached leaders from all types of churches. He’ll walk you through an assessment of current giving, a new Generosity Game Plan that fits within your culture, and the implementation process. You can begin today with a free Generosity Pulse Report from your congregation. 

COVID-19 and the global pandemic have made us all pivot in how we do church. The way we approach generosity is no different. In the fall of 2020, Alan and his team created a new approach for churches to approach their annual stewardship campaigns. After so many churches saw great success with their campaigns, Alan's team created two more campaigns to be used, for a total of three new approaches. Click below to see a highlight of these three approaches and find out which one might be right for your church.

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Living a generous life and giving generously are directly tied to the health of a person's relationship with God. Factors like global pandemics, family dynamics, medical conditions, job circumstances, and a person’s home church culture can draw us nearer to God and yet sometimes cause us to ask the question “Where are you God?” It is very difficult to give generously when you feel God is distant. When we are in a season of feeling God is distant or even worse, feeling ‘lukewarm’ toward God, there must be renewal that takes place in our hearts that draws us back to Him.


The world has been in turmoil since March 2020 due to Covid 19.  The uncertainty and challenges are not going away any time soon. Every church should have a generosity health check every three years. To equip churches to fund their God-inspired vision, Alan has crafted strategies for every sized vision and budget.