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Post Pandemic Generosity

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

I have fielded the question many times over the last two years:

"Alan, how has the pandemic affected your work?"

No matter if you are in the business world, in ministry, education, or the government, the pandemic in 2020 had an impact on the way that you work. My work has certainly not been an exception.

Here are four observations I have seen in the churches that I have been working with in the last 24 months:

  1. The word campaign in many churches means capital campaign. However, capital campaigns are not being conducted as often anymore but there is no shortage of generosity initiatives to address the financial demands on the mission and ministry of churches.

  2. Many churches are shifting the way they do ministry as they attempt to deal with the effects of Covid on their church. The need for better and more technology in churches is on the rise. Live streaming is at the top of the list but the churches that are embracing digital ministry are certainly investing more financial resources in their digital campuses. More technology is needed, and staffing is needed as well. Both of those take expanded giving.

  3. I see churches renovating their current facilities to accommodate different ways of doing ministry for adult youth and children. I see churches wanting to be able to meet the physical needs of the people in their church community and their local community. All these things take expanded financial resources.

  4. Debt reduction/elimination is another top priority for many churches in the post-pandemic world. With inflation, supply chain issues, and the ups and downs of the stock market, many churches desire to be in a more stable and financially sound position. Eliminating debt allows this to happen. Eliminating debt takes expanded financial resources.

As you and your leaders begin the year discussing the vision and mission for your church in 2023, consider some or all of these for your financial plan. An expanded giving initiative could be the answer.

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