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Uniting Engagement & Generosity

In my journey of nearly a quarter-century in the realm of fostering generosity, I've encountered an unwavering truth:

true generosity stems from engagement, not obligation.

True generosity, in my eyes, is giving without an expectation of anything in return.. It's a heartfelt contribution, not a mere transaction.

Imagine a community where engagement is the heart of every action. Individuals generously contribute their time, finances, prayers, encouragement, and talents. They extend invitations to neighbors for worship and encourage fellow congregants to join them in meaningful activities. This vision of active participation and giving is not just inspiring—it's attainable.

Yet, the challenges of recent times, especially the pandemic, have led to decreased attendance and engagement within our churches across the nation. The essence of church—serving and inviting—diminishes with less physical presence.

For the past 75 years, the metrics of attendance and giving have been the benchmarks of a church's success. But it's time for a paradigm shift. Echoing the thoughts of Carey Nieuwhof, whom I greatly admire for his insights into church dynamics in North America, we must redefine what success looks like for our congregations. Carey’s blog post, "5 Reasons Why Engagement is the New Church Attendance," aligns closely with this evolving perspective.

My passion for giving remains unwavering, yet I feel called to broaden my focus toward enhancing church engagement. This additional way of increasing engagement promises to unveil exciting opportunities for church growth and community impact in 2024. I invite you to preview this initiative I’m exploring here.

I encourage you, along with your church's leadership team, to seek innovative ways to ignite engagement within your congregation. Let’s collaborate to cultivate an environment where generosity flourishes through active participation.

Let's connect soon to explore how we can transform the engagement landscape in your church.



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