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Rethinking Church Metrics in 2024 🚀

In the wake of 2020, churches experienced a collective reset – a transformative shift that reshaped perspectives and priorities. Embracing change, we've always advocated against comparing one church to another.

Now, let's add another guideline: never compare your church to pre-2020 giving numbers.

The landscape of giving has evolved, and so should our benchmarks. Any data predating 2020 should be left in the archives – attendance and giving numbers alike. January, the month of reflection and vision-casting, beckons us to evaluate the past while setting our sights on the exciting possibilities ahead.

In a recent blog post, I highlighted the importance of including a specific letter in your Annual Giving Statement for your congregation, emphasizing the need to celebrate giving consistently throughout the year. Now, let's take it a step further.

As you convene for your next finance meeting, consider not only reflecting on 2023 but comparing it to 2022 and 2021. Three years of data provide a solid foundation, revealing dependable trends that can inform crucial organizational decisions.

Enter the Generosity Pulse Report – Generis’ game-changing tool designed to facilitate a comprehensive three-year analysis for you and your finance team. Even if you've used our tool before, don't miss the chance to add the 2023 numbers and reset your analysis.

Curious about what insights the results may hold for your church? Simply shoot me an email at to request the link to this powerful tool. Expect results within 24 hours – no pressure, no selling, just a commitment to empowering your church's growth journey.

Seize the opportunity to reshape your approach to metrics in 2024. Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

Cheers to progress,




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